Merimbula Pubic School

Merimbula School Site

The Story

The Merimbula School site has been used for educational purposes by two cultures.

It was traditionally used by Aboriginal people for teaching traditional knapping skills. This is evidenced by vast amount of stone flake artefacts found during archaeological surveys of the site and surrounding areas. Knapping (flaking) involves the controlled removal of pieces, or flakes, of stone from a larger piece (called the core) by shaping the core with a hammerstone to create tools such as hand axes, or to manufacture flakes which are used, for instance, as spear tips or small knives.

The Merimbula Public School moved to its present location in December 1945 having previously (for 72 years) been sited along Main Street closer to the town centre (the heritage school building and residence now house Merimbula’s Old School Museum). Since 1945, Merimbula Public School has been enlarged many times.

Photo courtesy of Bega Valley Shire Council


Main Street Merimbula NSW 2548