Bega Pioneers Museum

Candelo Methodist Church Roll of Honour

The Story

Australians who enlisted in World War I (particularly in the early years of the war) were considered by their families, by their employers, by their workmates, by their communities, by the nation, to be heroes. ‘Honour Rolls’ were often compiled and prominently displayed to give recognition to these men. At least 19 Rolls of Honour were produced within the (now) Bega Shire area…and most of them have survived to today.

The Roll of Honour produced by the Candelo Methodist Church is a relatively modest example of a World War I honour roll. But it is particularly interesting because - unlike with most other honour rolls - enthusiasm at its unveiling was underwhelming: “and instead of a substantial memorial worthy of a permanent place in the church and a tribute to the men whose names it would perpetuate, a flimsy bit of lithographic work in a frame was opened up, to the keen disappointment of everybody. We understand that this is to be immediately replaced by a memorial in keeping with the original intention.” As far as we know, that replacement Roll of Honour was never produced; nor were any names of men, who would later enlist, added to this Roll of Honour.


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