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Wooden Cheese-making Vat

The Story

Currently we are researching how the vat was constructed and used. It is presumed a metal “jacket” of some sort was placed inside the wooden structure. It was uncommon in Australia to have cheese made in a purely wooden vat.

Location: The vat is part of the Cobargo District Museum and is on permanent display.

History: The vat was donated to the Cobargo District Museum by Mr Oliver Green. It had been stored at his family’s Coolagolite property named “Greendale”. Coolagolite is a rural district a few kilometres east of Cobargo on the Cobargo-Bermagui Road.


Dairy Industry in Bega Valley

Cobargo local Dairy industry

CHEESE MAKING in Cobargo district


Significance to Cobargo and the Bega Valley


Settling and developing the region:


Family – Blacka – 1862 Mimosa Banks

Green - 1882

Pastoralism in the Bega Valley:

Dairy Industry:


Home cheese making


Shipping from Bermagui

Bullock Teams to Bermagui

Photo: Bullock Horns – Tarlinton heavy horse teams

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Bega Cheese Factory Museum – there is a similar but much newer vat on display at this venue.

Coolagolite School

Associated References:

Newspaper BDN

Booklet: Manchester Unity – 100 years in Cobargo 1882 – 1982 written by Mr Ray Sawtell

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