Our Objective:

To promote and widely share some of the Shire’s fascinating history and heritage with any interested organisation or individual.

Our Approach:

  • To identify 101 objects from within the Shire that have historic significance and/or are of heritage importance and/or have interesting histories associated with them;
  • Then to compile comprehensive dossiers of information about each of these objects and their significances; 
  • Then make this information freely and readily available to the community (for example through this hiddenheritage website and the Hidden Heritage App).

Implementation of the Project:

  • The project was planned by a community-based committee; 
  • It has been co-ordinated by the community-based South Coast History Society Inc.;
  • Initial funding was provided by Heritage Near Me, part of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.
  • The local community suggested hundreds of objects that could be included on the list of 101 objects. 
  • The selection of objects was made by three professional local heritage advisors. 
  • The dossiers of information about each object were mostly compiled by these local heritage advisors, volunteers from local museums and historical societies, acknowledged ‘authorities’ on some of the objects, and by other volunteers from within the community. These dossiers remain ‘open’: we welcome any additional information about any of these objects, their significance, their stories.  All additional information received will be added to the existing publicly-available dossiers of information – ensuring, over time, that community knowledge about our local history and heritage continually expands.
  • Detailed information about how this project was undertaken and the names of those most involved with the planning and implementation of the project can be found in the Methodology Document.

We hope you’ll now have fun discovering the many interesting Bega Shire Hidden Heritage objects and places that have historic or heritage value and which are scattered throughout the local area. And we hope the dossiers of information about each will give you a greater appreciation of the uniqueness and richness of the area’s local history.